August 8, 2020

Bridgwater Winner Explains How Jackpot Transformed Their Life


A BRIDGWATER couple whose life were transformed by winning the lottery joined a glamorous photoshoot this week.

Dione Buss of Bridgwater was one of 25 winners from the last 25 years gathered to celebrate 25 years of The National Lottery.

With winnings worth more than £110 million between them, the lucky individuals gathered together to share tips and reveal how their lives have been transformed by their win.

The Vanity Fair-inspired photograph, shot by celebrity photographer Sven Arnstein, features some of the biggest winners from the incredible 5,500 millionaires who have now been created by The National Lottery games.

Dione Buss won £1,888,630 on Lotto with husband Richard in 2013.

Dione, 53, said: “I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when our daughter Harriet was a baby, and I realised I couldn’t do up the poppers on her babygro.

"I had up to four relapses a year, but the worst was when Harriet was 13, and I ended up paralysed in hospital for a week.

"Thankfully, I responded to steroids but our daughter had to help me onto the toilet and into the bath.

"No child should have to face that. I had just returned to work for the local council after months of sick leave when I won the Lotto jackpot.

"It improved my health – because my condition can be made worse by stress and exhaustion.

"Richard and I went to see the Great Wall of China, which had been his childhood dream – and standing there, we both became really emotional.

"It really hit home at that moment that our lives had changed.

"Our daughter has just got married, and we have had an amazing weekend of wedding celebrations.

"Other goosebump moments are our incredible worldwide travel adventures."

Dione was joined by Natalie Metcalf from Thornbury who scooped £1m with fiancé Andy Symes earlier this year and early winner Viv Moss from Cornwall who celebrated a £6,048,499 win in 1998 with husband Kev.

The glamorous photoshoot comes hot on the heels of the BS postcode being listed as the 12th luckiest in the UK with a whopping 581 people in the area winning more than £50k since the start of The National Lottery.

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