August 8, 2020

16 Women Dressed In Red Take The Stage To Dance And Then Suddenly They Begin To Float

By standing on their tip toes, they move effortlessly around the stage, their red dresses swaying gently. By doing this, they seem to appear as if they are floating. Their performance gets more and more intense as they move swiftly—it’s truly something that you need to see. Why? Because it takes immense skill to be able to move so lightly on your feet, and the whole composition is enough to inspire anyone to get more creative. And that is the beauty of art—it uplifts and makes us feel special and amazing.

The video has reached over one million views with several stunning comments such as, “wow that’s incredible! really beautiful :)” and, “magical, Amazing, Beautiful…And I love it, Bravo!!!” It surely goes without saying that this is a highly-skilled and breathtaking performance.

See the video below and let us know if you agree in the comments. Additionally, be sure to share this magnificent act with your family and friends, especially those who are dance-enthusiasts!

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