July 3, 2020

Baby Pulls An Instant Prank On Dad And Is In An Uncontrollable Fit Of Giggles

While watching TV, dad takes the little kid’s ball and uses it as a pillow. He does this deliberately because he knows that the toddler will put up a fight to get it back. As mom records the baby’s reaction of pulling the ball from under his dead, dad is taking the ball away from him and saying “It’s my pillow.” And what is the baby’s response? A fit of cute giggles!

The baby is having so much fun trying to get the pillow back from his dad that he is laughing uncontrollably and he can’t seem to stop! Dad is also in splits of laughter as he watches his son have the time of his life over this pillow prank. I think this has been one of the most successful pranks I’ve seen be executed. Way to go, dad!

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