August 8, 2020

Customer Notices Server’s Bad Teeth So Instead Of Leaving A Tip, He Rushes Waiter To The Manager

Brian Maixner works at the Doo-Dah Diner in Wichita, Kansas, and he is known for greeting every customer with his bright personality and his contagious smile. But, even though Brian always offered his smile, that smile was marred with painful dental issues that started with a chipped tooth which was never repaired. It was such a shame that someone who is such a bright light in his community had his light dimmed by something cosmetic.

One day, attorney Fred Boettcher was having lunch with his daughter at the diner when he noticed Brian and his wonderful personality. Brian’s attitude made a huge impression and Fred approached him at the hostess stand and offered to pay for all of his necessary dental work. The total would come to more than $25,000, but Fred was happy to pay for it so that Brian could have the smile he deserved.

Watch the video and see Brian’s brand new smile. Please like and share!

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