July 3, 2020

Howie Mandel Is High After Endoscopy, Son Alex Posts Hysterical Revenge Video On YouTube

See, the story goes that in 2013 Alex had gone through the same procedure and Howie, the fantastic comedian that he is, recorded his son acting a bit funny under the effects of the anesthesia which hadn’t worn off yet. Of course, something like this can get quite embarrassing, so Alex was on the hunt for a time he can get dad back. This moment was perfect!

Howie is seen a bit hazy and loopy as the anesthesia is still affecting his train of thought and behavior. He’s saying all sorts of funny things and even goes on to talk about squirrels! Random right?! At one point the comedian doesn’t seem to recognize his son at all, but he does say some very sweet things about him that warm Alex’s heart.

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