May 28, 2020

Girl Shares Doubts About Santa’s Weird Habits, Internet In Stitches Over Funny Explanation

First of all, she uses the word “manipulate” correctly, so she’s obviously one smart cookie.

“He knows when I’m sleeping? He knows when I’m awake? First off… This guy has no life. And that’s really creepy!”

She does have a point…

“Better not shout, better not cry? This guy’s standards…Way too high!”

“Who do I trust to buy me the latest toys? An old man living on the North Pole? Right. Let’s point out the obvious guys. He breaks into your house at night! I think it’d be safer if your parents just do the stockings.”

Break-and-enter is illegal.

For everyone that is worried about little Mila not believing in Santa, her Mom assures everyone that she does:

“Mila does believe in Santa she never mentions not! Just mentions the funny things about Santa and the things he does. And how maybe we should just treat it like a big birthday party…which is really what it is all about anyway.”

Mila makes some excellent points, but it’s her sassy attitude that is catching everyone’s attention. I’d love to hear her thoughts on the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy!

Watch Mila’s hilarious thoughts in the video below and please like and share!

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