August 8, 2020

Jennifer Hudson and Pentatonix Take The Stage To Perform Spine-Chilling Christmas Song

The glorious group and singer sang flawlessly to the Christian hymn, “How Great Art Thou,” based off a Swedish poem. And trust me, being sung a cappella was the greatest thing that could have been done to these singers’ voices; any instruments would have only drowned out the perfection. It was pure gold, especially considering that many other famous singers don’t have a raw voice as silky smooth as Hudson and the cast of Pentatonix.

The audience was all smiles while the performers were deeply involved in their tunes. By the end of the video clip, one can’t help but notice the intense cheers and claps from the audience. I mean, it’s Jennifer Hudson and Pentatonix—how could you not have enjoyed the show?

I say Pentatonix chose wisely when opting to sing alongside Hudson. Their voices powered perfectly throughout the show and showed us what Christmas is all about: a good performance and a gospel message.

Haven’t seen the Hudson-Pentatonix performance yet? You’re missing out! The song sung live can be viewed from the video, below. Of course, nothing is greater than the live performance. Be sure to like and share the live video footage to ensure your friends and family can engulf themselves into the holiday spirit!

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