July 3, 2020

2 Men Sing ’12 Days Of Christmas’ And Their Hilarious Rendition Has The Internet Cracking Up

For instance, “Calling Birds” has had many names, like “Collie Birds” and “Curley Birds.” “Drummers Drumming” has had some very different versions, but among my favorites are “Bears a Beating” and “Hounds a Running.”

The chances are that over the years you have heard lots of versions of this ubiquitous Christmas carol. In fact, if your family is anything like mine, you may have even had heated discussions around which items fit with which day on the list. Honestly, we’ve only ever been able to agree on “Five Golden Rings” and of course, “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”

Even if you’ve heard this song a million times and you are tired of it, there’s a really good chance that you’re going to listen to it again at some point. So, why not make it enjoyable. There are lots of funny versions that change the actual items, but this one keeps true to the classic lyrics. However, the duo on stage definitely brings something extra. The act out each of the items on the list and the result is hilarious. By the end, they are exhausted from performing, but you’ll be tired from laughing!

Watch the hilarious video below and please like and share to spread the Christmas spirit! We would love to hear about your favorite Christmas carols in the comments!

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