August 8, 2020

Gran Dances To Marcia Griffiths’ "Electric Slide" And Her Moves Are Going Viral

Now, if those words of motivation weren’t enough, then I present to you the cutest dancing grandma who knows exactly how to inspire everyone to shake a leg. Keep reading and then watch the video below for all the inspiration!

Jean stays at an old-age home where they have instructors come in and teach them a dance routine of their choice. The day this video was made, the instructor was teaching the class a dance for Marcia Griffiths’ ‘Electric Slide.’ Jean was happily following along until she thought it would be a good idea to add her twist to the whole performance. And boy are we glad she did!

Apparently, Jean has been dancing her whole life and is the heart and soul of every party—she wants to stay active by dancing so she can stay young as long as possible. I love that mantra! Her energy seems highly contagious, too!

Click on the link below and watch Jean add her creative spin to this routine. Don’t forget to like and share her moves with family and friends!

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