August 8, 2020

Ed Sheeran Begins To Sing, But Everyone Has Chills The Moment Andrea Bocelli Joins In

As some people say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it;” this goes for movies, songs, TV shows, and pretty much anything in the entertainment industry. Even modern works that are remade just a decade later get a bad rep. People often complain about new versions, even if they’re redone by the originals themselves. Nobody has ever said regarding an Ed Sheeran song, “This sucks; somebody needs to remake this!” However, Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ version with Andrea Bocelli, Italian singer-songwriter, takes his already-perfect (no pun intended) song to a whole new level, and I don’t think we deserved such beauty in aural form.

Just as you’re listening and thought Ed and his love song couldn’t get any better, Bocelli begins busting out lyrics in his native love language of Italian alongside Sheeran’s English words, set behind more formal music than the original in the comfort of Bocelli’s home studio. The rich, raw vocals make the song real, romantic, and utterly irresistible even more so than the initial ‘Perfect.’ This live remake surely is worthy of being set on replay. Ed himself even gives Italian a go in the song — It’s something you will NOT want to miss!

The video of Sheeran and Bocelli singing was posted mid-December and has already received whopping 45-million views and counting! Can you blame anyone? I mean, it’s Ed Sheeran AND Andrea Bocelli. Once you watch the video below, you’ll be in awe of both the remake and with Bocelli’s perfect voice alongside Sheeran.

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