August 8, 2020

Shy Girl Takes Centre Stage, Sings Powerhouse Version of “Hallelujah”, Gets 11 Million Views

Rodger’s mother Tracy admits her daughter has always loved singing, but it was music teacher Mr. Scates at the Killard House who helped Kaylee emerge out of her shell. Without the support, it’s unclear if Kaylee would be where she is right now. Tracy also considers Mr. Scates to be a great source of empowerment for her daughter, as well as her “safety blanket.”

This normally quiet little girl is a powerhouse vocalist who hits Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” out of the park, reaching those hard to tackle high and heavy low notes. In this version, the lyrics are rewritten by contemporary Christian rock band Cloverton, but the delivery and feeling is still the same – evocative and moving. Kaylee’s magnetism as she leads her class is apparent, standing tall and strong with the spirit of an old soul.

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