July 3, 2020

Little Girl Bursts With Joy At Petting Zoo And The Pony Has Everything To Do With It

She goes in for a second time, staying a little longer before pulling back and going in again, with both hands. Leeci is over the moon, oblivious to her parents’ warnings, “They’ll bite your fingers, read that sign..”, and “Be careful…!”.

Leeci is living in the now, enjoying every unfolding moment of her new experience and ignoring her parents. Her childlike wonder and curiosity is strong, something that unfortunately tapers off as we grow older, and as our understanding grows bigger. Seeing the world through a child’s eyes is a poignant reminder that there are still beautiful things in life to uncover or at least revisit if we haven’t gone back in a while. After all, we were children once, doesn’t at least a little piece of that remain as we grow up?

Click on the link below to watch Leeci express her sheer delight as she interacts with the pony.

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