July 3, 2020

Quadruplet Baby Girls In Pink Share Hugs In Sweet (And Rare!) Moment Together

This video shows four little girls who are all dressed in pink. Each one is also standing comfortable on her own two feet, wobble-walking over to hug another sister. The baby girls haphazardly shuffle around, then wander over and do it to another girl–there is no rhyme or reason. The two main huggers don’t hug each other, and the little girl who is first seen on the right takes the lead, eager to give and receive hugs, non-stop.

For a few minutes, the girls continue to engage in this cute and cuddly hug dance, each with smiles and giggles across her face. It’s truly a rare moment to capture–all four girls are in the same mood, not one feeling left out or down for a nap or feeding.

Their gesture is a great way to start expressing love during the early stages of development, realizing that they have something not many people have—three other humans very similar to themselves. After all, these home girls have each other for life.

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