August 8, 2020

“You Raise Me Up” Sung By Celtic Woman In Magnificent Stage A Performance

But today, we’re here to give you a dose of this group that you may have been missing. Although the ensemble has changed over the years, shifting talent by introducing new voices, their sound remains heartfelt, symphonious and theatrical.

In this video, they take the hit “You Raise Me Up” made famous by Josh Groban in 2003, and make it sound like a masterpiece of their own. Each woman is dressed in a gorgeous, ornate gown, standing in front of a choir, a pianist, an orchestra and a solo violinist who sets the tone for the show – magnificent.

Each voice sings a stanza, and they start to overlap, creating one synchronized voice that has multiple layers. It’s simply beautiful. The whole full-blown production gives this contemporary church hymn the weight it’s worth, from start to finish.

Click below to see what these ladies have in store.

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