August 8, 2020

Kid Dresses Up As Clownfish, But One Look At Him And Everyone Is In Stitches!

In the short 33-second video clip below, you’ll meet the cutie who exudes confidence, radiates happiness, and just shines while showing off his orange, black and white outfit. But the best part? His little tail that wags effortlessly as he struts down the corridor.

As little Jackson turns away from the camera, his tail swooshes side to side, leaving his proud father to boldly exclaim, “That is the cutest tail wiggle I’ve ever seen!” And we, of course, wholeheartedly agree.

Move over Nemo, we’ve got a cuter little fish in town, and he’s ready to steal everyone’s heart. We just can’t get enough of this!

So, crank up your sound and get your finger ready to hit replay a couple of dozen times, because this is the “awwww” moment you’ve been searching for today! What a precious lil’ man Jackson is!

Give the sweet video clip a watch, below!

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