August 8, 2020

Little Girl Mirrors Young Gorilla In Playful Moment Through Glass, Has Internet Gushing

In this really sweet video, the little girl and the ape are seen goofing around and mirroring each other’s moves. They are both walking back and forth and waving their arms. The gorilla is actually playing with her, engaging her in a game of hide-n-seek without the seek. The gorilla is quite the entertainer!

She is hysterically laughing, following her new friend’s lead as mom and dad are giggling in the back too. The gorilla leans in closer to the window as the girl approaches trying to leave a kiss, and it appears as though the gorilla is reciprocating!

They both briefly bang their palms against the window, smiling at each other and just having an overall perfect playdate.

Click below to see a connection made on both sides of the glass.

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