August 8, 2020

Claire Sings Sad Song With Dad On The Guitar And It’s Got Everyone Singing Along With Her

As she preps for elementary school, dad and mom are still by her side supporting her endeavors, ready to take on whatever comes next as this little girl continues to shine.

And right now, it’s Claire’s rendition of the little orphan Annie classic, “Tomorrow” that’s making the Internet fall in love with her once more! Even her introduction to the song is heartwarming, as she explains (and dad confirms) how she listens or sings this song when she’s feeling down. The simple and inspiring song that can lift anyone out of the doldrums is filled with emotion as Claire delivers a sweet but moving performance.

At points, she closes her eyes and summons her strength. She comes from a good place, and it’s really cute when at one point she looks back at dad, and he smiles at her, giving her the encouragement she needs.

Claire finishes the song with her hands in prayer, a bow and they both walk off having accomplished another piece of Internet gold, leaving us wanting more.

Click to see Claire and dad perform a great version of the classic.

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