May 28, 2020

Little Girl Conquers Dance Floor – Stranger Tries To Compete, But She Steals The Show

As soon as Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up” filled the air, this little girl was already on the floor showing off her dance moves. She is the character that every party needs! Her energy is contagious, as she sways from side to side, with a big smile on her face. She even punches the air, her arms moving up and down while she giggles.

She moves her feet, lifting them up high when she is joined by another fellow dancer, an older man with a straw hat and funny dance moves tries to join and entertain her. The song ends, and she’s thrilled, clapping her hands and squealing as the DJ comes on. I hope she continues to be the life of the party that brings other people to the dance floor.

The little girl does one last move that ends the performance perfectly. Click below to see her finish off her lovely Bob Marley tribute dance.

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