August 8, 2020

Agent Notices Red Flag On Ticket As Teens Board Airplane, Instantly Knows Danger Is Ahead

Eventually, the teenage girls revealed that the tickets had been purchased by a man they met on Instagram. They had no idea that that had put themselves in danger.

Denice called the police, and Deputy Todd Anderson informed the girls that the man they were dealing with was most certainly not legitimate. In fact, he was likely trying to lure them into a trap.

It turns out that the man who had bought the tickets had promised them modeling gigs in New York. Neither of the girls’ parents knew that they were traveling, and they lied about staying at the other one’s house. As the deputy further investigated the man, his online profiles quickly disappeared. This is another sign that the guy was bad news.

These two young girls had no idea what they were about to do and could have ended up in a dangerous and potentially deadly situation. Fortunately for them, Denice had been looking out for them that day, and they returned home safely.

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