August 8, 2020

Young Woman Sings “Hallelujah” But Adds Twist That Has Judges Hanging On To Her Every Note

Mennel’s stage set up is minimal – not needing anything else to carry the Leonard Cohen classic  “Hallelujah” – her pure voice doing all the heavy lifting. She is sitting down, with only a piano heard in the background. The moment she opens her mouth to sing, just seconds into her performance, the first judge slams down on the buzzer.

The beginning part of the song is delivered with perfection, her lilt angelic and entrancing. As she makes her way through, she dives into the second part of the famous song, singing it in Arabic. Her haunting voice and the magnitude of the music proves that it doesn’t matter what language you sing it in – it still carries truth and beauty and has the power to give anyone goosebumps!

Her raw talent, natural beauty, and creativity to spin a well-known song by adding a piece of herself and making it her own made for a sparkling performance that had each judge wanting to work with her. She truly created a beautiful piece of music from beginning to end.

Click below to watch a moving performance put on by a talented young woman.

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