May 28, 2020

2 Out-Of-Tune TV Stars Take On "The Voice" Auditions. All Four Judges Hit Buzzers In Laughter.

This takes out any element of judging people based on their appearance — just their voice is considered. If a judge likes what they hear and would like to have the chance for the contestant to join their team, they can hit their button and turn their chair around. After the audition is finished, the contestant can choose from the judges that turned their chairs around. The judge they choose will be their mentor and team leader for the season.

This unique system offers some interesting opportunities for twists, and the show took advantage of that. Since the judges can’t see, the producers snuck in two Today Show” stars, Kathie Lee and Hoda. Together, they gave an entertaining duet performance of “You’ve Got A Friend.” They weren’t half bad but didn’t live up to the professional polish of many of the other performers on their show. They did, however, have everyone cracking up as the judges turned their chair around to see two familiar faces.

Watch their performance below and the judges’ hilarious reactions!

Source: FaithTap


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