July 3, 2020

Woman Goes In For Makeover, But Screams As Soon As Stylist Chops Her Hair!

So, with long hair and no makeup, she goes to The Makeover Guy.

She starts by getting her eyebrows waxed, which she loved! Then, she goes for a haircut. There wasn’t much that she wanted to do with that as she claimed that she was conservative, so Chris struggled a bit with figuring out what to do, but in the end, you wonder if he’d ever really struggled! He chopped off her hair, and she could only scream in response when he showed her!

After her hair is done, makeup comes next. The woman doing her makeup makes sure to explain what she’s doing and gives Cindy tips and advice so that she’s able to do it herself.

Finally, the time comes when Cindy’s husband walks into the room, and his immediate reaction is a smile and a, “Whoa!” After taking her in, he tells her how pretty and sexy she looks!

In the next clip, you see a brand new Cindy—a short haired, waxed, made up Cindy who looks beautiful! Happy with the result, Cindy smiles at the camera as the clip ends.

If you’d like to see Cindy’s transformation, here’s the video!

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