July 3, 2020

Little Girl Hears Her Favorite Song And Loses Herself In The Music – Mom Gets It All On Camera

Mom caught her daughter lost in a moment in the backseat, and it’s over-the-top cute. The little girl is 2-years-old, and she’s feeling all sorts of ways listening to and belting out this Christian rock song. The video opens to her with her eyes closed, in a moment far away from planet earth, when the song’s uplifting buildup breaks, and drops and she is fully immersed with her heart open, and hands held high.

This is such a tender, precious moment. It is a testament to the power of music, and how it can resonate on a soul level – whatever music it is that you like! It can stop you in your tracks, and seamlessly write itself into the soundtrack of your life.

Click below for a sneak peek at a moment everyone can relate to.

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