August 8, 2020

Group Of Boys Starts To Sing Queen Classic, But Then Crowd Erupts In Fit Of Laughter

“Bohemian Rhapsody” has been used for all sorts of funny performances, including the lip-syncing car driving scene from “Wayne’s World.” My friends and I have certainly recreated the scene a time or two but, we were much different from the group singing in this video. Most importantly, we are terrible singers, and the guys in this video are terrific!

This fun, energetic performance gives them a platform to show off their excellent singing chops and their personalities. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is such a dynamic song with lots of opportunities for fun and humor, and I’m thrilled that these guys were able to use that to their advantage.

On the one hand, they appear like a traditional acapella group — they use only their voices and harmonies to produce the music. They have a classic style when it comes to their voices, but their choreography and stage performance are very contemporary. This balance allows them to show off their singing talent, but also entertain the audience. It’s clear that the crowd is enjoying it. There’s laughing and cheering; watching from home, I couldn’t stop cracking up.

Watch their epic performance in the video below and please like and share!

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