August 8, 2020

Ice Skaters Glide To "Bridge Over Troubled Water," Leaving The Crowd Breathless And In Tears

The talented pair of Runa Maeda and Taryn Jurgensen, twinning in pink dresses, proves that both size and age are just “things” and do not define the capabilities one has to showcase. Setting differences aside, it is hard to imagine the girl and woman as a part of separate “categories.”

While in different developmental stages and clearly rocking varying heights, the friends easily put on a beautiful show while staying in sync, providing flawless spins, opting for surprising stunts, and ending their show with a soft touch sure to bring many to tears.

Runa and Taryn certainly had all eyes on the rink as their routine captured the meaning behind “Bridge Over Troubled Water” through several facets. In a way, it was like the performers were acting and telling a story rather than just skating with no goal other than to entertain.

By the end, it is clear that the skating and moves involved in the girls’ performance contain multiple visual arts components that piece together a single goal: to leave us in emotional awe. I say this was achieved quite quickly!

If you’re in for remarkable entertainment, you’ll definitely want to watch the full performance. Check it out in the video!

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