July 3, 2020

Young Woman Unleashes Powerful Voice, Nailing Celine Dion Classic With A Special Twist

This lovely lady dressed in a dark, floor-length gown, graces the stage. She is bold, strong and fired up to go. Sabrina holds the mic with her eyes closed as she slowly eases her way into the ballad. Her delivery starts softly and emotionally. All the judges are immediately impressed, but it’s Ricky Martin who slams down on the buzzer first. He’s smitten with her voice.

Just as he turns around, Sabrina launches full throttle into the crescendo of the chorus, blowing everyone away with the magnitude of her range and power. She effortlessly hits those high Celine notes but what’s most notable about her performance is how she puts her spin on the song. Instead of the usual harmony and pitch, she harmonizes certain parts that reveal a different side of the tune. A rock-solid, gorgeous version of a classic that Sabrina totally owns!

Click below and prepare to be blown away by an excellent rendition.

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