August 8, 2020

Young Woman Holds Out Hand To Grandpa — He Jumps In With Some Fun Dance Moves!

Rachel’s grandpa is 93, and after watching this video, you might not know what age he is anymore! At the request of his granddaughter, she put on some music and asked him if she could have this dance. And he said yes! Together, they are seen loosening up a little and grooving. They are all smiles, and swaying from side to side, enjoying each other’s company and relishing the moment.

With the upbeat music, they’ve got each other to lean on. This moment is heartwarming, and one where young and old can connect. And grandpa gets into it! At first, he’s a little reserved, but a few moments into the video prove he’s got a few moves up his sleeve to share with the world. He’s shimmying, and two-stepping his way across the floor and into everyone’s heart! What a great pair.

Click below to see a really cute video of Rachel and her grandpa.

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