August 8, 2020

Boy Nails Audition With Song Choice That Has The Judges Jumping Out Of Their Seats

And 13-year-old Abu Rahman sure stepped up to the plate on this one for “The Voice Kids, Belgium.” Not only did he choose a vocally challenging song, he challenged viewers to hear him knock this tune out the park! He was just seconds into his rendition when all three judges slammed the buttons and swung around with big eyes and jaws dropped. They were all awestruck.

Abu knew he had big shoes to fill, and did so with zeal. At first, he appears shy, but by the second line of the song, you can hear how he sinks into it a little more and owns it. His confidence is budding as Abu reaches those Celine notes, and he lets loose. He is in his flow state, loving the spotlight. The judges’ instant approval helped his performance gain momentum. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this star in training. Even one of the judges, Sean, climbed out of his chair and sat cross-legged on the floor, his mouth agape! What a show!

Click below to see this performance go down. His entire family showed up to support him, and the looks on their faces are too good!

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