August 8, 2020

Tiny Baby Sneezes And Says 2 Words That Have His Mom And Internet Cracking Up

The baby boy has just finished nursing, and he’s hanging out with mom. Sneezing is typical for babies because they have no other way to clear their nasal passage of irritating airborne particles. Also, it’s pretty common after nursing, because babies are typically pressed up against mom, closing off one nostril, therefore making the baby more likely to sneeze to unblock the one nostril.

According to this little guys’ parents, he’s pretty prone to sneezing after nursing. And that’s exactly what happened here – baby looks straight into the camera and lets out a baby-sized sneeze. What he says next has everyone, mom especially, in stitches, laughing at how cute his reaction is. He probably picked up these two words after hearing his parents say “Oh no!” every time he sneezes.

Click below to watch this precious moment caught on camera. It’s short but sweet and has over five million views! You can watch it over and over again, just like I did because it’s only 11 seconds!

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