August 8, 2020

Judge In Tears While Announcing Verdict In Adoption Case That Could Split Up 4 Abused Siblings

But in the nick of time, a generous couple with huge hearts stepped in. Eric and Phyllis Watson had just finished their 13-week training becoming proud owners of the foster-to-adopt license. The first ever adoption case brought to them was the four siblings whose wish remained simple but probably impossible – to stay together.

While Eric and Phyllis both have full-time jobs, their concerns were normal – how would they care for four teens at the same time? How would they be able to support them financially? Would they be good parents?

However, the answer was obvious, and the two agreed they couldn’t let each child go their separate way. Eric and Phyllis met the kids, and everyone clicked from there. The adoption was made official in court by District Judge Kathleen Sloan who was brought to tears by this incredible adoption story. She too was emotional but inspired throughout the whole hearing. She said, “There is nothing better than an adoption, in part because you all came in here happy, and I get to let you leave happier!”

Click below to see the first day of the rest of their lives together!

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