May 28, 2020

Teen Walks On Stage And Belts Out “Rise Up” But Judges Cut Her Off Before She’s Done

Jurnee started singing when she was only two years old, and by the tender age of seven, she was writing full-fledged song lyrics. Her passion for music got her through some tough times and helped her become more of who she is through a questioning period in her life. She even met her soul mate at a party and got married. She and her wife continuously support each other with their dreams and endeavors, bringing Jurnee to this shining moment here at her “American Idol” audition.

A beautiful, and challenging song choice, as remarked by Katy’s look of astonishment, Jurnee chose to sing Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” To say she pulled it off exceptionally well is an understatement. Jurnee’s rendition is so heartfelt and expressed with so much love, it’s not surprising she was cut off, and immediately offered a golden ticket. The biggest compliment from the judges? They told her next time, “…try to make it look more difficult to sing like that, cause when you sing that effortlessly, it kinda makes the judges mad…”

Click below to watch Jurnee’s adventure begin to unfold!

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