August 8, 2020

Two Sisters Sing “I Won’t Let Go,” And They’re Giving Everyone The Goosebumps

After a quick 20-second Norwegian introduction, they walked into the studio and started to sing. The younger sister, Mia, is the one who begins, and right away you’re drawn into the warmth of her voice. The entire video makes you feel that same warmth because of the song they sing, the setting, and the cinematography.

Mia sings that first verse by herself but when she gets to the chorus, older sister Tuva joins along. They harmonize beautifully together as Tuva sings the higher harmony. Her voice is as pretty as Mia’s but even softer.

After that, Tuva sings the next verse by herself, hitting every note, and when they hit the bridge, they sing back and forth before singing in the same note together. Finally, they end the song, harmonizing.

If you would like to hear these young girls flawlessly cover, “I Won’t Let Go,” watch the video down below!

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