July 3, 2020

Baby Has Hysterical Reaction To Seeing Mom’s Twin For The First Time

With his dad, Sergeant Dainius Šileika, recording the first impression of the duo meeting, we were glad he put the final product out there for us to watch.

At first glance, Felix seemed excited to meet Stephanie. But, as she picks him up, the baby starts making the funniest faces as if he isn’t quite sure what to do anymore. In some parts of the video, Felix is hesitant to even lay hands on Stephanie. I imagine him at this point saying, “You’re not my mommy…or are you?”

The 10-month-old seemed to immediately know that something was off about Stephanie. Not only did she have a different hair color from her twin sister, Christine, but she surely had a different smell to her. Poor Felix was so confused! From his jaw-dropped facial expressions to his apprehensive stares, I was feeling a little awkward myself just watching.

However, this viral video is complete gold. I mean, I can’t even begin to think of how great it will be for Felix to watch this video when he’s older.

To see Felix’s hilarious reaction to meeting his sister’s twin, you must watch the video below!

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