August 8, 2020

Baffled Baby Watches Cat From Afar, When Kitten Comes Closer, Dad Hit’s "Record"

Looking frightened, she reaches over to touch the cat, but she seems to second guess her actions because she pushes her tiny hand out but then pulls it back in. Finally, the brave baby girl convinces herself to touch the kitty, and she rubs Sparta’s belly.

She tentatively touches his whiskers, and as she’s doing that, the black and white cat, Loki, walks up to her. Loki bends his head into her hand, and Chell gently rubs his head. Meanwhile, her mom is smiling and laughing at the heartwarming interaction.

Further into the video, feeling braver and realizing that those weird-looking things aren’t going to hurt her, she touches the black-and-white cat with both of her hands.

Chell grasps the bottom of Loki’s chin lovingly (although Mom makes sure that she’s not hurting him) as he crawls onto the mom’s lap. The toddler doesn’t let go until Loki makes his way out.

She continues to touch the other cat who remained with excitement and even a small smile. At the very end, they show mom washing the “kitty off” of Chell’s little hand.

If you would like to watch the very cute first interaction, check out the video down below.

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