August 8, 2020

6-Year-Old Boy Suddenly Goes Missing. Rescuers Find Him 20 Hours Later, But He’s Not Alone.

Besides police, others also got involved in the mystery: K-9 teams, helicopters, a volunteer search group composed of over 100 individuals, a SWAT team, and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation along with an Endangered Child Alert that went out to inform others.

After searching a 2,000-acre area for over 20 hours, young Kaydon was found lying on the ground, but he was accompanied by someone else: his terrier named Chula.

It turned out, as the night grew colder, the dog snuggled with Kaydon in attempt to keep him warm. Chula even growled at near-by rescuers to try to protect the boy from harm.

While Kaydon was found alive and well, he was taken to a local hospital to ensure he was truly safe. After a check-up, the boy was doing very well and had returned to home.

According to his family, “The amount of support we have received has been tremendous, even from people we don’t even know.”

Everyone involved in Kaydon’s case — from police officers to volunteers, to Chula, the terrier — played an incredible role in protecting the child’s life from danger.

Learn more about Kaydon and Chula’s rescue, watch the video below.

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