August 8, 2020

5 Brothers Freak Out When They Learn They Have A New Baby Sister

With a family of five boys, things can get pretty hectic. There is probably a lot of noise and mess all around, and mom and dad have their hands full. So goes the story of the parents in this video as well. They’re expecting their sixth child, and are proud parents to five boys.

You may think that these five boys are happy with each others’ company and that they’d probably want another boy to join their group — wrong!

Kel, Tad, Troy, Rogan, and Ross (aged between 3 and 11) love each other, but if there was something they really wanted, it was a baby sister. To their pleasant surprise, a couple of months before their due date, the parents gave them a special gender reveal to show them exactly what they can expect!

The parents stand their five boys in a line, outside, and they each open a little container. They’re instructed to spill the contents — out comes a pink powder, indicating that their much-longed-for sister is on her way!

The video below shows a snippet of the reveal and then how the boys react when they first meet baby Shay. Check it out!

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