August 8, 2020

Singer’s Catchy Song Brings Audience To Their Feet While Judges Slam The Golden Buzzer

Not only did Donchez earn the Golden Buzzer, which guarantees him a spot in the live shows, but he has quickly become a viral sensation. People can’t get enough of his musical talent and positive attitude.

The judges are already huge fans of the new star:

“I’ve wiggled my body, I’ve whined my body, but I’ve never done the two things at once!” David said. “You are a ray of sunshine.”

Even Simon was impressed:

“People like you are the reason we make this show. You make it fun!”

Donchez also had something to say about his epic audition:

“My name is Donchez, and I cheer you up. I sing to you. Making people happy, that’s what I’ve been put here for. I love music; I live for music. My family supports me to the max. I really want to share my songs with the world. I’m so glad to be here!”

Watch Donchez’s fantastic audition in the video below!

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