May 28, 2020

High School “Loser” Fails Every Class, No One Cares About Him, Until He Creates Charlie Brown

This is the incredible story of a little boy who was always a “loser.” He was an underachiever, a flunker, a loser who just kept losing. The boy failed every single subject in grade eight, and in high school, he was no different, he flunked every subject there too. Not all was lost, however, when he made it on the golf team, but when it really counted and when the team was down to the wire, he lost the game. And the consolation match that followed.

It’s not that no one liked him, it’s just that he was mediocre and he didn’t have much, or really anything, to contribute. No one cared because he was just mediocre. And so he accepted his fate. He didn’t change himself, he just went with it, and found comfort in his art. He spent his time drawing away, so much so, he submitted drawings for the yearbook, but got rejected. After graduation, he submitted his work to Walt Disney Studios but then too got rejected.

After years of being denied and denied and denied over and over and over again, he stepped back and told his life story through his cartoons. The world knows him as Charles M. Schultz and his best-loved character is Charlie Brown from the continually inspiring comic, Peanuts. Ring a bell?

Click to watch this truly remarkable story of Charles M. Schultz. It’s extraordinarily inspiring.

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