July 3, 2020

Son Uses Own Money To Buy Parents Home After Many Years Of Them Struggling To Feed Family

LeJuan and his two siblings had everything they could possibly imagine because their parents worked extra hard; both mom and dad worked two jobs, which kept them out of the house almost all day and then all night. Sleep and spending quality time with family were just some of the sacrifices they made to ensure that their children had a good life. Then, in 2007, the family was heavily impacted by the financial crisis in America, and things came crashing down. The family lost two of their homes.

Not too long after, LeJuan’s grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer and so his father set out to give gran the best treatment; her treatment also required large amounts of money. The man remembers his parents facing a lot of emotional and financial turmoil and he says that at the end of 2016 he decided his new year’s resolution was to pay them back for all that they’ve done.

LeJuan stayed true to his resolution and the proof is in the video below. He buys his parents their new home, all with his own money, and they don’t even know it’s theirs until he makes the big reveal.

Watch as LeJuan gifts the house to his loving and hardworking parents. You may need a tissue for this one!

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