May 28, 2020

Sisters Start Singing On Stage. But Judges Are Instantly Impressed Once Brother Chimes In.

The trio performed “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman, a risky song choice because many people may not recognize the tune. But, the song was perfectly suited to their style. They started with an a cappella intro before Liam joined in on the guitar, at which point Katelyn began her solo performance of the first verse. Kasey then joined her sister, with a slightly higher range.

It wasn’t long before all four judges had turned their chairs around, curious to see the three people on stage. Boy George took a little longer than the rest but eventually gave in. Though the song was originally performed by a single singer, the siblings’ arrangement took advantage of each group member’s talents. The result was a rich, multi-layered audition.

Since all four judges had turned around, the group had to choose their team, and they eventually settled on Joe Jonas. I can’t wait to see how they fare in the competition!

Watch their audition in the video below!

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