May 28, 2020

Nervous Man Starts Singing. Then Simon Puts His Hand Up And Suddenly Stops Performance.

From the start of the video, I could clearly tell that Gruffydd was more than just a little nervous. But regardless of the jitters, he tried to remain cool and collected. Prior to singing, Gruffydd takes some deep breaths. His jittery nerves are transferring onto me at this point. Can you feel them too?!

Once the music begins, the young man starts singing until Simon puts his hand up indicating for him to stop early. Both Gruffydd and the audience look distraught. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was blown.

Then Simon gives Gruffydd a little pep talk. The judge was aware that the singer was nervous because he admits that the singer’s performance  felt “cold and mechanical.” Simon, however, mentioned, “I sense that there’s more in there.” He patiently lets the singer take a quick breather and drink of water before trying again.

And boy, Simon was sure right when he said the young man has more in him! Gruffydd gives a different song a try but this time can blow both the audience and the judges away. Even from the more confident composition of Gruffydd, we can tell that his nerves have died down!

The contestant left many in tears. The audience loudly cheers, but cheers have never been louder once one of the judges slams the Golden Buzzer. What a show!

You have to watch Gruffydd’s’ outstanding audition! Check it out in the video below.

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